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About Sandbach Town Council

Town Council

The Council was formed in 1974 in the then local government reorganisation as a successor to the Sandbach Urban District Council.

Council meetings are held regularly.  Meetings are open to the press and public with a period set for questions from the public. Community and Environment, Finance, Policy and Governance, Assets and Services and Planning Committee meetings are also open to the press and public and are usually held on weekday evenings

The Town Council comprising 20 members, meets on weekday evenings in the Council Chambers at the Sandbach Literary Institution, Hightown, Sandbach. 

The press and public are welcome to attend.

There are four main Committees viz. Community & Environment, Finance, Policy & Governance, Assets & Services and Planning.

Community and Environment

Responsible for all community and environmental matters.

Council's Vision for Sandbach.


Finance, Policy & Governance

The operation of the council is governed by Financial Regulations. The Finance Committee is able to make grants to local organisations where it is for the benefit of the people of Sandbach.  The Council can also make a contribution to Borough and County projects to ensure that they go ahead on a reasonable timescale. The Council spends public money and therefore is closely regulated.  It is audited annually and must make an Annual Report.

The Finance, Policy & Governance Committee is responsible for recommending to Council the Annual Budget, policies of the Council and matters of Governance.  It determines the Council's spending priorities and is responsible for Internal Audit and insurance, grants etc.

Assets and Services

Responsible for all matters relating to the Town Hall, Markets, Public Conveniences, Green Spaces, Playgrounds and Allotments.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee considers and provides a formal observation on every planning application in Sandbach, and can comment on all local plans but it has no executive power.   Also considers Highway issues, Licensing, Tree Preservations and Environment.


Sandbach is divided into four wards, Town; Sandbach Heath and East; Ettiley Heath and Wheelock and Elworth Ward each with five members.   Councillors are elected for a term of four years and elections are normally held every four years. 


The procedure at meetings is governed by Standing Orders.  During 2003 legislation was introduced formalising the code of conduct that members of the Council must follow.  Sandbach Town Council has adopted a Code of Conduct to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and underpin public confidence in the authority and its members and co-opted members.


The Council considers applications for funding from local organisations.  If you would like to apply for a grant, an application form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.Grant Application Form