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Market Hall Consultation

Market Hall Consultation

Results Are Here

Phase 1 of the Market Hall consultation is now drawing to a close.

In Phase One, we invited responses (both on-line and by paper) to potential changes to the Market Hall. Consultation began on 17th March and closed on 12th May. The results from that consultation have been analysed, in conjunction with representatives from the market traders. Market trader representatives were fully aware and involved with the interpretation of the data upon input. The results will be presented at a public meeting on Tuesday 7th June at 7pm in the Town Hall and can be viewed below.

In total 923 residents responded to the questionnaire.

Paper Questionnaires
587 paper questionnaires were received, with completed papers placed in collection boxes around the town. The boxes were opened and numbered by an independent representative from Sandbach Partnership. The data was then input by independent volunteers with all input monitored and overseen by market traders. All comments were read and recorded, with respondents stating “Option 5” or “Traders Choice” recorded under an Option 5 heading.

On Line Questionnaires
336 online responses were received. Comments from the online survey were read and those stating Option 5, or  any Option 5 criteria, were recorded as an Option 5 choice. All these measures were taken in consultation with market trader representatives, to ensure openness and transparency of the results.

Additional Comments

All alternative ideas and additional comments completed by respondents in question 3 or 4 were read and recorded within themes. These themes should stimulate debate during the next phase of the consultation.

Market Hall Consultation Results

Total number of responses 923

Paper Responses 587

Online Responses 336

Not all respondents answered all questions. Some questions were skipped.

All figures shown are number of responses.



Q1. Do you agree that changes to the Market Hall are necessary?

Yes – 556        60.2%

No – 280         30.3%

Skipped- 87      9.4%


Q2. Preferred Option

Option 1 (Small retail units, central space for catering, glazed mezzanine for offices) – 223    24.1%

Option 2 (Flexible open space in ground floor with high level mezzanine for offices) – 120            13.0%

Option 3 (Ground floor redevelopment of Market Hall providing open space alongside office accomodation) – 25                        2.7%

Option 4 (Let to private enterprise) – 98        10.6%

Option 5 (Traders Proposals) – 188                20.3%


If Option 4, what type of Private Enterprise

(multiple choices possible)

Retail - 62

Soft Play - 22

Gym - 14

Health/Leisure - 8

Other - 61


Age of Respondents

Under 18          16                   1.7%

18-34 years      74                   8.0%

35-50 years      185                 20.0%

51-65 years      266                 28.8%

Over 65 years  341                 36.9%


Male- 241



Additional Comments from Q3 or Q4

Additional comments have been placed into themes and the number of instances noted by respondents recorded. The themes are shown below followed by the number of times recorded.

Open 6 days a week- 73

Redecorate- 17

Themed markets including evenings- 17

Extend on side- 16

Better signage and promotion- 14

Parking issues- 12

Arch windows ar higher level/improved lighting- 9

Food outlet/restaurant- 9

As Altrincham Market- 9

Exhibition Space- 9

Information Point- 8

Better Toilets-8

Foodie Market- 7

Monthly Table Top Sale- 5

No catering –Opt 1 with open space- 5

Cinema- 4

Rent to community groups when not in use- 4

Toddler club/soft play- 4

Transport Museum/ Sandbach History- 4

Double doors (reduce through draft)- 3

High level mezzanine for retail- 3

Antique Market/Vintage- 3

Buskers (Covent Garden Style)- 2

Wheelchair Access-2

Weekly Youth Club- 2

Nursery- 2


Starter offices/enterprise- 2

Table Tennis/bowls- 2

Concerts/theatre- 2

Art & Craft Fairs- 2

Removable central stalls- 2

Insulation in roof- 1

Room for mental health-1

Cotton Traders- 1

Dance- 1

Amusement Arcade- 1

Ice Rink- 1

Garage- 1

Amazon internet locker store-1

Live entertainment- 1

Go Kart Track- 1

Improvement of market stalls- 1

Kid’s Parties-1

Circus skills-1

Boxing/ wrestling-1


Health Club-1

Public Meetings- 1

Brewers Evetns-1


Gardener’s Market-1



Phase Two
The next task is presentation of the Phase One data, along with further suggestions gained from responses to Q3 and 4, at the public at the meeting on 7th June. Attendees will be invited to form into focus groups to discuss the results and suggest possible ways forward.  All the positive comments registered in the consultation will be available to stimulate discussion, along with the numerical data. It is hoped that this meeting will assist in providing direction for the next phase of the project with as many residents as possible attending.












Posted on: 
Wed 25 May 2016