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June 2019

Response to CEC Consultation: Local Plan - Main Modifications

Response to CEC Consultation:

Local Plan - Main Modifications


A Sandbach Town Council Working Group has submitted the following comments in response to a Consultation on Spatial Awareness as part of the Planning Inspectorate’s review of Cheshire East’s Local Plan. Mayor Cllr. Keith Haines, a member of the Working Group said “We are aware that detailed points on the Main Modifications have already been submitted, and feel it important to reiterate our underlying position taking into account the latest information on the cumulative impact on traffic congestion and air quality that was not previously available to us”.


450 houses is too many for the Capricorn site; it was originally supposed to be solely for employment, and then subsequently 200 houses.


There is no sound financial justification for so many houses on the site and Cheshire East Council’s own financial modelling showed that a business park was viable without any houses (document BE042 supported by a viability assessment carried out in March 2014 by GVA for HIMOR [ref SUB 2398]. This concluded “Having regard to the content of this report it is evident that the site presents financial viability for 100% employment development.”)


Contributions for highways improvements to the A534 corridor, including the Junction 17 roundabout, have already been obtained from other granted planning permissions, so the monies for highways from developments on the Capricorn site should instead go to other highways improvements in Sandbach. A VISSIM model prepared for Cheshire East Council shows serious congestion of the A533 Middlewich Road and a bottle-neck at the Glasshouse roundabout.


There has been a formal consultation on declaring an Air Quality Management Area on the A533 Middlewich Road, so any developments on the CS24 site should contribute towards any air quality mitigation that may be required.


Following the adoption of the Cheshire East Cycling Strategy there should be a request for developer contributions to provide safe cycling routes throughout Sandbach.


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Thu 23 Mar 2017