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November 2018

Councillor Geraint Price Jones

 Councillor Geraint  Price Jones

Born within the Sandbach Heath Ward and educated in Sandbach until I went to University in Salford.

I moved back to Sandbach in 2002 with my young family and all three of my children are attending school in the town. A keen interest in politics was fostered during my student days, developed in my teaching career and has been focussed on local politics in recent years with the elections in 2011 and 2015 which resulted in my election to council on the second attempt.

Understanding that the town must change with the times but at the same time retain as much of its identity as possible is a difficult task but one which I believe the council has a key part to play in. As a keen walker and dog owner the retention of a balance of green space is essential for the town of Sandbach. With this in mind I stood for election to the town council and remain committed to the planning process and the advisory function which the town council performs.

A follower and participant in local sport I am a supporter of the many sporting groups which are thriving within the town. I also enjoy the many musical concerts that are held in the town and congratulate all the volunteers that make Sandbach such a pleasant place to live in.

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Assets & Service
Community & Environment
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Churches Together Fairtrade
8 Davenport Close, Sandbach
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