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Sandbach Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is called each year by the Town Council; it normally takes place during March, but it any event must be held between 1 March and 1 June.

Only those local government electors registered within the electoral boundary of Sandbach are entitled to attend and vote.

The agenda is drawn up by the Chairman of the Council, it will always include:

  • Minutes of the last Annual Town Meeting
  • Sandbach Town Council Annual Report
  • Public Question Time

The meeting is advertised a minimum of seven days in advance on the Town Council’s noticeboard. The date of the meeting is also available through the Council’s website and newsletter.

The Annual Meeting is organised by the Chairman of the Council on behalf of the Electorate. It is NOT a meeting of the Council; therefore the Council’s Standing Orders and Rules of Debate do not apply.

See also: Public Meetings

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