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November 2018

Vision for Sandbach Consultation

See also: A Vision for Sandbach

  1. Sandbach is a market town of distinctive character that provides people of all ages and interests with a pleasant and enjoyable place to live, work, shop and socialise. A 'Sandbach for All' with a thriving local community full of pride in their town.
  2. The town centre should be a friendly place where people can find their way around easily and obtain information on the many facilities the town and surrounding areas have to offer.
  3. The people of Sandbach will have a strong awareness of the need to care for and keep their town clean and tidy and free from litter.
  4. The Town Council will encourage and support strategies to: reduce waste, reuse materials and recycle, for both individuals and businesses. Facilities for these activities will be well managed.
  5. The ownership and control over public service delivery will be at the closest level to local people; that is the Town Council working in partnership with appropriate authorities, organisations and adjacent Parishes.
  6. The Town Council will encourage proposals from both businesses and other organisations to enhance the appeal of the Market Square and promote a focal point, for both local people and visitors to the town.
  7. The Town Council will seek to take full control and responsibility of the Mark Square, in accordance with the above public service delivery aspirations.
  8. The Town Council considers that the community will be better served by re-locating the Thursday market to the Market square and the High Street.
  9. The Town council will encourage the provision of a diverse range of shops in the town centre. It will work to ensure that shops and business premises have carefully designed signage to keep a coherent and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the town centre.
  10. Sandbach Chamber of Trade and Commerce will be engaged with, actively encouraged and supported by the Town Council.
  11. Sandbach Park will be regenerated and redeveloped to increase its overall appeal as a leisure facility for both young and old
  12. There will be many well-planned events in the town, which will be interesting and stimulating to the visitor and well supported by local people.  These events will be held in a variety of accessible community facilities in the town. Appropriate events will be supported by the Town Council.
  13. The Sandbach community will be an integrated, caring and active community inclusive of young and old.  There will be a wide range of facilities for young people.
  14. Young people will have more of an input to local decision-making and will be encouraged to engage with the Town council. Young peoples' provision in terms of a specific activity centre and improved advertising for youth organisations will be addressed. Young people will be encouraged to see the Town Council Members as a resource to voice their opinions.
  15. There will be an adequate provision of sport and leisure facilities in the Sandbach area.
  16. The viability of establishing a Transport and Local Industries museum in the town will be investigated.
  17. The public transport system will be effective in bringing people into the town from surrounding areas and the road systems will give good provision for pedestrians and cyclists at the same time as providing safe and easy access to the town from the M6 motorway.  
  18. People who choose to come by car will find suitable parking facilities, even on market day, and clear sign posting to ensure good traffic management within the town.
  19. The Town Council will continue to work in partnership with Cheshire Police to effectively introduce Police Community Support Officers, with appropriate levels of finance.  
  20. Community speed reduction measures [e.g. Speedwatch] will be encouraged and financed in partnership with Cheshire Police and the community.
  21. The Town Council will determine the viability for taking complete control of the Sandbach Literary Institution building.
  22. The Town Council will encourage support and promote Sandbach
    to obtain the status of a Fair Trade Town.
  23. Sandbach Town Council will attain Quality Status, as a priority, as a key factor to ensuring that this Vision is delivered.

You can make your views known by clicking on questionnaire here.  A form will be obtained that can be completed, printed and returned to Sandbach Town Council at the Sandbach Literary Institution, Hightown, Sandbach CW11 1AE.