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June 2019

A Vision for Sandbach

Overall, policies, resources and effort will be directed at making Sandbach a thriving, clean, safe and distinctive market town, providing the community and visitors with a pleasant, attractive and enjoyable place to live, work, shop, socialise and to be proud of, with strong support for the arts and culture. The Vision identifies the following specific areas of need for fulfilment:
  1. Sandbach Town Council will attain Quality status as a priority, as a key factor in ensuring that this Vision is delivered.
  2. There should be sufficient sports facilities and grounds to meet needs, bearing in mind the projected growth of the community and the loss over recent years of facilities provided by local businesses.
  3. Sufficient car parking should be available to adequately meet the need, together with well-signed, easily navigable access routes to the town, particularly Junction 17 on the M6.
  4. The town should provide a peaceful, welcoming, well-signed and well-policed environment where people feel safe, particularly at night and on weekend evenings.
  5. The town should be kept free of litter and weeds with everyone having a strong awareness of the need for a clean and tidy environment.
  6. There will be sufficient, well-managed facilities for re-cycling waste, and the Town Council will seek to maximise re-cycling and re-use.
  7. The Market Square (the Cobbles) will become the distinctive and historic natural focal point of the town for local people and visitors alike, providing an attractive setting for shoppers, social visitors, public activities and events.
  8. The weekly market will be managed and promoted to maximise benefits to the town, giving consideration to aspects including quality, size, location and how to accommodate visitors.
  9. Sandbach Park will be regenerated and maintained to provide a tranquil and attractive natural oasis providing appropriate well-appointed leisure opportunities for young and old.
  10. Businesses, appropriate agencies and representative organisations will be actively engaged with to help promote and encourage a wide variety of businesses and shops. Emphasis will be placed on preserving the architectural heritage and adoption of carefully designed themes and signage to give a coherent and pleasing town centre.
  11. Community speed reduction measures and pedestrian safety, access and security will be supported and encouraged.
  12. The Council will seek approval of Sandbach as a Fairtrade town, and consider other initiatives concerned with environmental sustainability.
  13. The Council will consider possible advantages of placing ownership and control over public service delivery at the closest level to local people, working in partnership with appropriate authorities, organisations and adjacent Parishes.
Compiled by Sandbach Town Council's Vision Working Group and incorporating public opinion.